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The purpose of this research or writing is to identify the existence of language in the field of entrepreneurship. In general, language as a means of communication as well as a means of creating new creativity can not be separated from the social world or society. In everyday life language plays an important role especially in the field of entrepreneurship or entrepreneurship. People with entrepreneurial spirit will be more successful if supported with good language. An explanation of the Indonesian language that is intended to use the language in accordance with the context or target of the user or partner based on formal and informal situations. This study uses a literature review method to discuss the topic under study. The Literature Study is intended to solve a problem which basically relies on critical and in-depth study of relevant library materials. Literature is carried out by collecting data or information from various library sources needed as a source of ideas to explore new ideas or ideas as basic material for deduction from existing knowledge, so that a new theoretical framework can be developed, or as a basis for problem solvingThe results of the study explain that Indonesian has a great opportunity as well as the existence of Indonesian language is recognized and has been used since a long time as a language of communication and trade among Asean countries or better known as allied countries, thus having a great opportunity to establish business cooperation with ASEAN countries. Indonesian has many benefits for improving one's competence. If this is implemented properly, the belief in Indonesian becoming Indonesian is increasingly high. In other words, Indonesian is also able to compete with English in its position as a national, state, or international language.

DOI: https://doi.org/10.46576/bn.v1i2.324

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